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Children With Special Needs

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Help is here for providers who care for children with special needs. The SNIT staff has specialists who work directly with a provider and children in the center or home to identify and assess the needs of the child, and then link the provider (and the family) to resources that are required to meet the child’s needs.

Child Care Provider Focused

The Special Needs Inclusion Team focuses on the needs of the child care provider.  The Special Needs Inclusion Team provides on-site Technical Assistance for providers who request assistance so they can include children with special needs in their program.

On-site services may consist of:

  • Recommendations for the child care provider to make adjustments to the environment and curriculum to address the needs of the child.
  • Assistance with general developmental screenings such as the Ages and Stages Questionnaire.
  • Help child care providers in talking to parent about their concerns.
  • Development of action plans to address challenging behaviors.
  • Connecting the child and family to appropriate community resources.
  • Presentation of workshops to improve knowledge on appropriate care giving.


Child Focused

The Special Needs Inclusion Team assists the child by providing direct services in the child care setting while taking the parent perspective into consideration.

More intensive, daily, on-site services may be provided on a short term basis for children 3-5 years of age who are in danger of being dismissed due to challenging behaviors.

These could be children not yet identified as having a developmental delay, children with mental health issues, or children who are not receiving adequate or appropriate services  for an identified diagnosis.

On-site services may consist of:

  • Direct daily support to the child in the child care program until additional supports are in place.
  • Developing a research or evidence-based support plan to address targeted goals and behaviors in consultation with ‘Behavioral Intervention Association’ together with the child care provider and the child’s family.
  •  General developmental screenings such as the Ages and Stages Questionnaire.
  • Meeting with the child’s family in the home setting to understand the environment and family dynamics.


The SNIT Program facilitates workshops to increase the awareness of children with special needs. There are a series of workshops that will improve the skill level of the caregiver and enhance the quality of the care.

Workshop topics have included: Activities for Brain Development; Working Sensitively with Parents of Children with Special Needs; Ages and Stages: Normal and Atypical Development; and many more.

To register for upcoming workshops, or for more information call, (559) 256-0949.

SNIT Workshops


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