"Improving the quality of care for children of the Central Valley"

Counseling & Mental Health Help

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  • Aid in Divorce Adjustment Problems of Today (ADAPT)

    Hours: Fridays 7pm-9pm
    This is a self-help group for people adjusting to divorce or separation. Also provides lectures, open rap sessions, interactive discussion groups, library collection, and other support. Meetings are held at Peachwood Medical, located at Herndon and Villa in Clovis. Contact for more information 559)488-6512.

  • Community Behavioral Health Center

    7171 N. Cedar Ave. Fresno, CA 93720
    Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
    Services include information and referral for behavioral and emotional problems. Crisis intervention, assessment for inpatient admission for psychiatric disorders are also available. Call (559) 449-8000

  • Comprehensive Youth Services, Inc.

    3795 E. Shields Ave Fresno, CA 93726
    Hours: Monday-Thursday 8am-8pm; Friday 8am-5pm; Saturday by appointment only
    Some services provided for a fee. Services include individual and family counseling for at-risk and abused or neglected children and their families also, anger management classes for adults and adolescents. CYS offers student assistance program with on-campus crisis counseling for children and youth at numerous Fresno Unified School District and Fresno County schools and Neighborhood Resource Centers. Rural programs include: Keep Kids Drug Free, One-to-One Mentoring programs and the STOP program. Call (559) 229-3561

  • Hours: 2nd & 4th Tuesdays 7pm-9pm
    Services include support groups for friends and family members of the mentally ill. Meetings are bimonthly for support and education. Meetings are held at Trinity Lutheran Church. Call (559) 265-6665

  • Family and Youth Alternatives

    3122 N. Millbrook, Ste A Fresno, CA 93703
    Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm (some appointments can be scheduled in the evening)
    Service includes Dual diagnosis program offering mental health and substance abuse treatment for children and adolescents (ages 5-21), and their families who receive Medi-Cal benefits. Call (559) 225-9117.

  • Ferger Thomas Friendship Club

    630 N. Ferger Ave. Fresno, CA 93728
    Hours: Monday-Wednesday 8:30-1:30pm
    Services Include social activities for the chronically mentally disabled.

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