"Improving the quality of care for children of the Central Valley"

Local Agencies and Information

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  • Nonprofit organization that attempts to help children of Fresno County by handing out winter clothes to those who have been referred by school nurses. This organization also provides teddy bears for children in traumatic situations.

  • Central Valley Region chapter of the program, funded by the Department of Health Services and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which encourages children to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables and exercise 30-60 minutes every day.

  • Rural Teen Pregnancy prevention

  • CAPIT is dedicated to provide early in-home visitation services to high-risk families with children ages 0-5 years, including victims of domestic violence and/or sexual abuse, and to services targeting isolated/underserved populations (e.g. rural residents, non-English speaking, handicapped).

  • Site offers information to children and parents such as a list of services the hospital provides and a “child-friendly” link.

  • CASA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children who have become dependents of the court system through abuse or neglect.

  • First 5 is a nonprofit organization that offers assistance for families in Fresno County to ensure the health and resources necessary for school readiness.

  • Aims to ensure that all children have financial support from both parents.

  • A parent resource for mental health, welfare and other child services offered by Fresno County.

  • EOC services range from pre-school education to vocational training; from juvenile and drug abuse counseling to treatment for serious juvenile offenders; from youth recreation to senior citizen hot meal services; from energy conservation education to crisis intervention; from preventive health care to prenatal nutrition education; and from vocational counseling to job placement services.

  • Lists information for adults about child, emergency, welfare, employment and a variety of other services offered by Fresno County.

  • Search for books on parenting, health, and other topics, which can be checked out free of charge from the Fresno County Library. Visit our branches to apply for a library card and to check out good books to read for children and teens.

  • Find library programs for children, homework help, lists of good books, and more.

  • Find library programs for teens, the homework center, cool Web sites, and more.

  • Network of Care for Children & Family Services is a “No Wrong Door” online information place for the individuals, families and agencies involved with children and youth ages 0-18.

  • This site provides information about individual schools, testing information, child safety and other educational resources.

  • Provides information about enrollment and school budget and offers individual links for both students and parents.

  • A federally funded collaborative between Fresno City College and Fresno County EOC/Head Start. The goals of this partnership are to provide resources and educational support to assist Fresno EOC Head Start Teachers, Teacher Assistants and Home Visitors.

  • Where Fresno, CA area families with children can get to know their community, find local things to do together, and learn fun, family friendly ideas and information.

    Kids, parents and the whole family alike can enjoy the things available at Fresno Family.com!

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