"Improving the quality of care for children of the Central Valley"

Provider Accreditation

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Fresno Accreditation Institute (FAI) is a Central Valley Children’s Services Network program funded by First 5 Fresno that promotes quality child care in Fresno County. FAI assists Family Child Care Homes and Child Care Centers in meeting or exceeding the quality standards of NAEYC & NAFCC by working towards becoming accredited. This service is available in English, Spanish, and Hmong.

The First 5 Commission of Fresno County provides the funding for Center-based and Family Child Care Home providers to improve the quality of care provided for children between the ages of 0 through 5. Through this program, parents are educated about high quality child care and providers are taught to to become high quality caregivers and nationally recognized as such, through accreditation. FAI offers financial assistance, trainings, workshops and one-on-one technical assistance from experienced facilitators to support child care providers in becoming accredited

Steps to Take:
-Call FAI at (559) 256-0946 to attend an informational meeting.
-Participants are chosen after attending a required informational meeting.
-Participants will be provided with on-site training and assisted through the process of accreditation.

How can accreditation through FAI benefit you, your child care, and families?

-You will be nationally recognized as offering high quality care.
-Participants will receive professional development and financial support.
-Potential clients will see more opportunities for their children in your care, in comparison to other providers.
-You will be able to promote the quality of your care, with the accreditation standards as your foundation.
-Your understanding of developmentally age appropriate care will increase.
-Adjustments made to your care will meet the higher standards of accreditation.
-You will be ready for California’s Quality Rating Scale.

The goal again, is to make lasting changes for long-term benefits for children and to encourage all child care providers to take the next step in improving the quality of care that is provided for all children in Fresno County.

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