"Improving the quality of care for children of the Central Valley"

Job Discription: Subsidized Site Visitor

POSITION: Subsidized Site Visitor


ACCOUNTABLE TO:  Subsidized Departmental Assistant Manager


PURPOSE OF THE JOB:  To work with providers who care for children on the CFCC/CCTR/CMIG subsidized child care programs to incorporate Desire Results into their curriculum. Also, to educate parents and providers as indicated through Desire Results.


Contract Administration:

  1. Participate in the development, accomplishment and evaluation of programs goals, objectives, and outcomes;
  2. Attend local, regional and state meetings and other conferences pertaining to the program issues;
  3. Maintain children’s files which include:
  4. Complete family assessments by connecting families to resources available in their area;
  5. Conduct provider site-visits;
  6. Communicate with families and their providers;
    1. Conduct the Environmental Rating Scale with targeted providers;
    2. Serve as backup for other Family Advocate in Department as needed;
    3. Identify areas for improvement, conduct trainings and provide technical assistance to support the provider in increasing quality care;
    4. Assist with bi-annual parent advisory meeting;
    5. Utilizes the DRDP instrument to complete developmental profiles of the targeted children;
    6. Facilitate parent/provider conference and make recommendations to parents, offering resources;
    7. Maintain paperwork required by the State Funding Terms and Conditions;
    8. Informing callers/walk-ins about program on rotating basis;
    9. Report monthly R & R services to Find Care;
    10. Host and Conduct training when needed;
    11. File documentation gathered during site visitations and enter dates on FOX system;
    12. Maintain accurate case notes in files;
    13. Implement requirements delineated in Management Bulletins or other forms of communication from the State;
    14. Keep current with trends to be able to assist with trainings in the area of child development;
    15. Link families with services or referrals and follow up with families as support;
    16. Assist with the annual toys giveaway in collaboration with TOYS 4 TOTS;
    17. Give feedback in the clarification of the GMSS budget for the following fiscal year and Desire Results contracts.

Community Outreach:

  1. Create and maintain a positive agency image whenever we are out conducting visits and in the office as well.
  2. Participate in the planning and implementation of agency events whether it is to the families advantage or the providers.

Public Education and Advocacy:

  1. Participates in the legislative process as an advocate for children and parents.

Accountability and Support:

  1. Recommends operational policies and procedures as required for efficient and economical operations.
  2. Meets monthly with supervisor to discuss changes and updates on new procedures.


The staff member will:

  1. Work well under pressure, meeting multiple and sometimes competing deadlines.  The staff member shall, at all times, demonstrate cooperative behavior with colleagues and supervisors
  2. Be able to build good working relationships with people from diverse backgrounds, cultures and personalities.
  3. Like and respect people; create positive energy in individuals and groups; develop realistic action plans realizing time constraints and resource availability; work with people in such a manner as to build high morale and group commitment in order to reach goals and objectives.
  4. Be able to delegate responsibilities.
  5. Be able to communicate well with a diverse group of coworkers.
  6. Be dependable, fulfill commitments, and follow through.
  7. Be professional, willing to separate personal from organizational interests.
  8. Demonstrate high team spirit and attitude: working toward another person’s success.
  9. Display maturity: have a strong self‑identity; able to challenge people to act on their values and self‑interests.
  10. Be willing to evaluate others and be evaluated; takes responsibility for their own actions and decisions.
  11. Have courage: is willing to take risks.
  12. Be able to plan schedules ahead of time.
  13. Have a sense of humor.
  14. Be able and willing to share with others what we know.
  15. Have imagination and curiosity ‑ does not take things for granted and is willing to ask questions and learn.
  16. Be able to make decisions on available information and take actions in accordance with agency policy and procedures and Funding Terms and Conditions specifications.
  17. Utilize clear written and verbal communication and firm documentation techniques.
  18. Be able to accurately and professionally express an opinion or feeling to others, regardless of their position without questioning their authority.
  19. Be able to use a systematic approach in problem solving.
  20. Be able to modify own behavior and personality style to respond to the needs of others while maintaining own objectives, sense of dignity and morale.
  21. Be sensitive to special needs.


  • Salary range: $  28,000 – $32,000 annual.  Annual merit increases


Education: BA Degree in Child Development.

Experience: Knowledge of Desire Results Preferred

  • DMV Print out
  • CPR and First Aid
  • CLASS Certified preferred


  • strong customer service commitment;
  • respect for self, team members and clients;
  • multi-task oriented;
  • detail oriented;
  • computer literate;
  • transportation and valid California Driver’s License;
  • automobile insurance with minimum limits of $100,000/$300,000/$100,000 (bodily injury and property damage);
  • bilingual Spanish preferred.


  • be drug-free;
  • provide proof of negative TB test result dated no more that 6 months prior to date of employment;
  • have the stamina, strength and alertness to work a minimum of 40 hours per week plus attend night and weekend meetings/events as required;
  • daily work could include: sitting at a desk and/or computer for periods of time; telephone work; walking to other areas of the building: for meetings, to make copies, to get mail or forms; filing; lifting/organizing supplies; use of equipment such as copy machines, fax machine, electric stapler, calculator/adding machine, coffee pot; assist in loading and/or unloading vehicles with equipment/supplies; driving own vehicle; securing and driving rental vehicle; purchase items; enter child care facilities/homes or homes of parents; attend events/meetings away from office during the day and/or evening hours; and
  • Professional in attire, composure, attitude and interactions with others.