"Improving the quality of care for children of the Central Valley"

Gayle Duffy

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In total, I have worked for Children’s Services Network for almost 8 years. I originally came to Children’s Services Network in the early 90’s and was here for about a year and a half. I had worked with Jane before and I knew she was an ethical person who truly cared about children – that is why I came the first time. I came back in 1999 because I believe in the mission of the agency and I am committed to making life better for children. The services offered by Children’s Services Network help families to help themselves. By providing child care subsidies, we make it possible for parents to work, which means they can provide for their families. By providing basic education and resources for parents, we increase the likelihood that children will be placed in safe and loving environments. We provide resources and help link parents with vital services, and we do it with compassion. I think the children and families we serve know we care about them, and that makes a difference.