Improving the Quality of Care for Children of the Central Valley

Our Mission

At Children’s Services Network staff works every day towards the mission of “Improving the quality of care for children of the Central Valley.”Children’s Services Network provides the necessary support, education, and linkage of community resources to advocate for high-quality care for all children.

Our Vision

Every child has the right to receive the highest quality care available and Central Valley Children's Services Network is working towards achieving this vision in the Fresno County.

Our Principles

Central Valley Children's Services Network believes that children are our most precious resource. As the Fresno County's Resource and Referral agency, we want parents who need child care to be informed about what quality child care is.

Quality child care goes beyond meeting the licensing requirements. Quality child care enhances the social, emotional, intellectual, physical, linguistics, and creative development of a child.

CSN provides the resources, referrals, and education to parents and child care providers to ensure the best possible care for all children

Our History

Central Valley Children's Services Network began in 1976 as FIND CARE (Families In Need of Day Care), a resource for parents seeking child care. This innovative program received funding through the State Department of Education to establish such Resource and Referral programs (R & R) and was administered by the Fresno Community Council.

Through the late 1970s and into the early 1980s, the Fresno Community Council applied for additional funding through the SDE. The Council also teamed up with Fresno County Department of Social Services. During this time additional services were offered, such as the Subsidized Child Care program and the Child Care Food Program.

In 1983, the Community Council redefined and consolidated these programs under the umbrella name, Children's Services Network. The following year the Community Council saw their dream of Children's Services Network expand into the child-family focused agency that was needed in Fresno County.

In 1984, CSN became incorporated as a private non-profit corporation and was designated as Fresno County's Child Care Resource & Referral Agency. In the past two decades, the agency has grown from 9 to over 50 professionals who serve parents and child care providers. CSN is funded through the California State Department of Education, federal contracts, private grants, and private donations.

Central Valley Children's Services Network is committed to providing support services to parents and community partners in the Central Valley. Our dedicated staff is professional, well trained, and up to date with the latest news, information, and legislation that affect children and their families.

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