Our Mission

At Children’s Services Network staff works everyday towards the mission of “Improving the quality of care for children of the Central Valley.”

Children’s Services Network provides the necessary support, education and linkage of community resources to advocate for high quality care for all children.

Our Vision

High quality care and supportive services are provided to all children in Fresno County.
All necessary educational and support services are available to parents and child care providers.
CSN is the premium high quality child care referral and support community based organization in the State of California (the “go-to” agency)

Our Principles

Central Valley Children’s Services Network believes that children are our most precious resource. As the Fresno County’s Resource and Referral agency, we want parents who need child care to be informed about what quality child care is.

Quality child care goes beyond meeting the licensing requirements. Quality child care enhances the social, emotional, intellectual, physical, linguistics, and creative development of a child.

CSN provides the resources, referrals, and education to parents and child care providers to ensure the best possible care for all children

Donations allow us to connect parents with quality child care