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When your are searching for your child care referral needs, the F.I.N.D. Care department would like you to keep in mind that, the information we collect is very important in order to make appropriate referrals. Please fill out all the required information. Your information is kept confidential at all times. The data collected is utilized at the State and Local levels to address the child care needs in Fresno County.

*F.I.N.D. Care encourages parents to read our free brochure called “Sorting Out What You See,” a guide on how to select and evaluate quality child care programs. You can download a Spanish or English copy of the brochure below, or call us and we will be happy to mail you a hard copy.  For child care inquiries please feel free to email us directly at findcare@cvcsn.org

Families in Need of Day Care

Before continuing, you must read and agree to the following:

Referrals given to parents by CSN’s F.I.N.D. Care department are strictly referrals NOT recommendations.
A license is NOT a guarantee of quality.

Depending on your needs for child care, referrals may be made to license exempt (non-licensed) programs, such as: parents’ co-ops, recreation programs, afterschool programs and community based programs.

Oliver's Law: The Parent's Right to Licensing Information

California State Law REQUIRES licensed child care facilities to make copies of any licensing report accessible to the public.
As a parent, you have the right to get information about any substantiated or inconclusive complaints about a child care provider that you select for your child. That information is public and can be obtained by calling the Fresno County licensing office at (559) 243-4588. *You will need the facility license number to request the file and will only be allowed to access the files of 3 providers per request.

CSN does NOT make recommendations, does NOT supervise these programs, has not evaluated them and is NOT responsible for them in any way.

Oliver's LawLey de Oliver

*If you agree and fully understand the above disclaimer, proceed with your child care referral search by choosing one of the options below.*

*Referrals are NOT recommendations to or for specific child care providers.

Options for Finding Child Care in Fresno County


(559) 456-8195. Trained Resource & Referral Navigators are on duty Monday -Friday from 9am – 4pm to help parents locate child care and meet the family’s individual needs.


You may request child care referrals by completing and submitting the following form. A Resource & Referral Navigator will contact you within 2 business days.

Referral Form

F.I.N.D. Care Listings Network

One of the services CVCSN provides is to help connect parents with quality child care professionals in the area. We keep a database of licensed child care providers who meet our standards as quality providers. We keep detailed information about space, availability, and hours offered in order to help parents find the best match for their children.

If you are interested in having your licensed Child Care Program added to our network, please send an email to findcare@cvcsn.org

Find Care for Your Child

Additional Resources for Providers

Start a Licensed Child Care Center

When child care is provided in a group setting, other than in an individual’s home, a license for a child care center is required. The State Department of Social Services Community Licensing Division has the responsibility for the licensing of child care centers under Title 22 of the California Health and Safety Code.

Discover important city or county requirements;

Education and experience requirements for your employees

How to begin the licensing process for a Child Care Center

To begin the licensing process for a child care center, contact:

Community Licensing Division
770 E. Shaw Ave. Suite 300
Fresno, CA 93710
(559) 243-4588
(Cross streets are Shaw & First)

Toy Lending Library

Explore, Discover, and Create!
Enrich a child’s world and enhance your child care business: Use Central Valley Children’s Services’ Resource and Toy Lending Library, at no cost to Fresno County residents. The Resource and Toy Lending Library is a community resource available to families, child care providers, students, educators and all members of the community.

Learn More

F.I.N.D. Care Program Orientation


If you are a licensed Child Care provider and would like to be listed with F.I.N.D Care to receive free child care referrals, you will need to attend “Child Care Business Practices for Family Child Care Homes,” an orientation for new providers. This orientation is available every month. Please call (559) 456-8195

New Provider Orientation


If you are interested in becoming a licensed child care provider and want to know if this business is right for you, attend this free information packed workshop, offered in English and Spanish.

Childcare Initiative Project

Recruits and trains individuals to become licensed childcare providers in Fresno County.  For more information call (559) 456-8195.

Kaleidoscope Learn and Play Group

A simple website has been created and shared with families where they will be able to access resources such as; activities, readings, and videos!

Click here to view our website!

Our website has access to the unlisted videos that we have on YouTube (which means you can only view the videos if you have the link to it).

Check one out: Click Here to View Video

If you know of any Family, Friend, or Neighbor Caregiver who would like to connect with us as we continue to develop material, please have them reach out to Stephanie Dominguez or Iris Flores at the FIND Care Department.

What is Kaleidoscope Play and Learn?

Kaleidoscope Play and Learn Groups are held at Central Valley Children’s Services Network and is a researched-based program that promotes early learning. The 90-minute playgroup sessions are open to children ages 0-5years and their Family, Friend, and Neighbor Caregivers. Each session provides children with the opportunity to engage in social interactions with other children. Trained facilitators also demonstrate developmentally appropriate practices and activities for caregivers to take home to their care settings.

Stephanie Dominguez

Iris Flores

(559) 456-8195

Learn More


TrustLine is an invaluable resource for parents. TrustLine is a database of nannies and baby-sitters that have cleared criminal background checks in California. It’s the only authorized screening program of in-home caregivers in the state with access to fingerprint records at the California Department of Justice and the FBI.

Learn More

Update Your F.I.N.D. Care Listing

If you are a child care provider who is listed with F.I.N.D. Care, and you have any changes or additions, such as:

  • Vacancies
  • Change of address
  • Increase or decrease in capacity
  • Any changes within the last year

Updating ensures CSN is providing parents with information about your child care business which is accurate- help us help you- UPDATE MONTHLY!

CSN has provided an easy way to update your information. All you have to do is print and fill out the Update Information Form and mail it to:

Children Services Network
C/O F.I.N.D Care
1911 N. Helm Ave.
Fresno, CA. 93727

Click here to download the English Update Sheet.

Only need to update vacancies?

If you only need to update vacancies you can send a quick email to: findcare@cvcsn.org

Please write “Update Vacancies” in the subject line.
Thank you for updating your information!

For more information, please call (559) 456-8195 or fill out our contact form

F.I.N.D. Care provides FREE child care resources and referrals to parents

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