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There are 41 programs in Fresno County offering subsidized child care services. These programs receive their funding from many sources, including the state and federal government. Each funding source has its own set of eligibility requirements and each program receives a set amount of money determined by the Funder, not the local agency administering the program. To be placed on CSN’s Eligibility List you may download the application by clicking the link below. You may also call the CSN Eligibility List directly at: (559) 256-0943 to request an application and you will also receive assistance in completing the application.

**Your enrollment in the CSN Eligibility List DOES NOT automatically place you on the eligibility list for other agencies. In order to be placed on the eligibility list for other programs, you must contact each program directly.

The list of Subsidized and Alternative Payment Programs can be downloaded below with the CSN Eligibility Application.

*Being on the eligibility list is not a guarantee of services.

Get Your Name on the CSN Eligibility List


  • Complete the application
  • Attach (staple) to the application
  • Verification of gross family income from all sources (example: check stubs for 1 previous month, child support, social security benefits, welfare assistance, unemployment)
  • If you are attending school, you must also submit financial aid information;
  • If not employed, submit verification of need (Fresno City College, CSUF, training school, etc)

Submitting the application

Submit your application by delivering it OR mailing it to Central Valley Children’s Services Network (CSN): 1911 N. Helm ave. Fresno, CA 93727. Your information is confidential and protected!

When funding is available to pay for child care, families on the CSN Eligibility List who meet the program’s requirements are identified and contacted.On Application under CHILD INFORMATION, there is a question about exceptional needs. Children who have been identified as having exceptional needs, must submit either an IEP (individualized education program) or an IFSP (individualized Family Service Plan).

If you have questions, call the CSN Eligibility List Program at:
(559) 256-0943.

Be sure to check your mail and don’t ignore a letter.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eligibility for Receiving Financial Assistance for Child Care

How do I know if I am eligible for subsidized child care?

– First, you have to meet income requirements based on your family size. The California Department of Education, Child Development Division, establishes a ranking scale.

– Second, you must have a need for child care for one or more of the following reasons:

* Employed;

* Enrolled in school/training program leading to a recognized occupations;

* Enrolled in a college/university;

* Incapacitated and unable to care for your child(ren) for part of the day;

* A statement from the local county welfare department, child protective services unit certifying that the child is receiving child protective services and that child care and development services are a necessary component of the child protective services plan;

* Or A statement by a legally qualified professional that the child is at risk of abuse or neglect and the child care and development services are needed to reduce or eliminate that risk.

How can I get subsidized care?

A CSN Eligibility Application needs to be submitted. When your application is received you are given a “ranking number” based on your income and family size. This ranking number and your application date will determine if, and how soon you will be contacted for possible referral, when funding becomes available or space opens in a subsidized child care program.

What happens after I send in the application?

After we have received your application, your name is placed on the eligibility list. You will receive a letter stating that you have been placed on the eligibility list. When a subsidized program has an opening they will begin calling families for a preliminary screening starting with the lowest rank number, one, and move up the list until the program is full. You do not automatically receive subsidized child care by submitting the application.

Tell me more about the ranking number?

You are given a rank number according to your family size and gross monthly income. The ranks range from 1 to 66. There are many families within each rank number. The income guidelines have been established by the California Department of Education, Child Development Division.

Will my rank number ever change?

Your rank number does not change unless your income or family size changes.

What income sources count?

Countable income includes:

  • Wages/salaries
  • Profit from self-employment
  • Child support, spousal support
  • Cash Aid (TANF or CalWORKS)
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Disability insurance payments
  • Pensions and annuities
  • Veteran’s benefits

Are foster children given priority?

No. Placement is based on the income received from the foster child(ren)

If my information changes, should I fill out another application?

No, it is not necessary to fill out another application, but please call us immediately with any changes (family size, income, address, telephone number, etc…).

How long is the wait?

The wait varies. Unfortunately it is not possible for us to give you an appropriate time. Referrals are only made when funding becomes available or when there is an opening in a subsidized child care program. Selections start with the lowest rank number (one), then continues until the funding runs out or the space becomes filled.

For more information, please call (559) 256-0943 or fill out our contact form

The subsidized Child Care Department helps income-eligible families with child care costs so parents can work or go to school.

Rocio López

Subsidized Program Manager

Christina Avila

ECE Center Director

Maria G. Hernández

FCCHEN ECE Coordinator

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