We are dedicated to improving the quality of care for all children in our community.

To achieve that, we support and assist parents in that endeavor. Although we are primarily focused on issues of child care, finding child care, and improving the quality of child care, we offer resource services that help connect parents with other types of support.

Find Child Care

Call (559) 456-8195 to receive help finding child care.

Help Paying for Child Care

There are 41 programs in Fresno County offering subsidized child care services.

What is Quality Child Care?

All children have the right to receive the highest quality care available.

Parent Rights

Children’s Services Network Believes That parents must Become active participants in the Interests of Their Child.

Child Care Organization & Resources

There are many organizations and resources available to help parents with child care.

Parent Engagement

Join a collaborative effort to mobilize people and communities to support children and families.