Children’s Services Network Believes That parents must Become active participants in the Interests of Their Child. That means being well informed About Laws, Regulations, and That You have rights as a parent. Scroll down for English version.


The Parent’s Right to Information Licensing

What is Oliver’s Law?

Oliver’s Law (AB 458 Zettel), Which took Affect January 1, 2000, requires every child care resource and referral program and every alternative payment program to advise every person who requests a child care referral, of his or her right to licensing information related to potential providers. Licensing information must be maintained at all licensed facilities and public files pertaining to the facility can be accessed by parents.

What does this new law mean to parents looking for child care?

When you call Children’s Services Network to request child care referrals, our referral counselors will advise you of your right to Obtain licensing information from the licensed providers you visit and how to access public Their files. We strongly recommend you review That potential child care provider’s licensing history, before Placing your child in care.

How do parents get the licensing information?

You may Obtain information from Community Care Licensing, if you are Referred to a child care home or center. Providers are required to make accessible to the public a copy of any licensing report. However, more complete files, Including Violations or complaints, are available from the licensing offices.

What do I do when i call for licensing information?

Children’s Services Network Recommends That You find out the nature of any complaint against a licensed provider. Some complaints may be unsubstantiated or of a minor nature That Are Easily remedied.Not all complaints are equal. Also you want to look for a history or a pattern of complaints against a provider.

What if the facility is not licensed?

Depending on your need for child care, referrals may be made to license exempt programs, Such as parent co-ops, recreation programs, and community based programs. Children’s Services Network Recommends That parents who are exempt programs Referred to ask the program staff About Their complaint policies.

Children’s Services Network Provides information about providers as it is available, but does not make recommendations. The choice of child care is the parent’s responsibility. Children’s Services Network is not responsible for Arrangements Between parents and providers.

Where do parents call to get licensing information?

For centers and homes in Fresno County, call Community Care Licensing at (559) 243-4588